Thoughts on The Bach

Monday, March 01, 2010


I watched The Bach by myself tonight and have waaaay too many opinions to keep to myself.  So, these are them…

  • Knew it was coming. Still want to barf.
  • That was the longest St. Lucia commercial I have ever seen.
  • I love you, Tenley.  But stop talking about your divorce.  [His mom asked how you get along with your sister.]
  • Jake did not receive his intuition from his mother.
  • I. loved. the sister in law, Laura.
  • THAT was the ugliest tie I have ever seen.
  • KATE GOSSELIN ON DWTS??  I bet Jon is pissed.  That is ratings gold.
  • I bet the Pavelka family is NOT looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.
  • Did Vienna get plastic surgery?? Something looks different about her face…
  • That Wing of Love song is truly terrible.
  • Everything about that show affirmed everything I felt when I was single.  Even the decent guys who had good character and good families still went for skanky girls and overlooked the great ones (who don’t have big boobs and hair extensions).

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