March Madness…

Thursday, March 25, 2010

…is killing me!  I wrote a post about my bracket on the way up to NYC last weekend, but never got around to posting it because our hotel didn’t have wireless (Seriously? No wireless?  Manhattan?).  And by the time I got home everything that had happened in the tournament that weekend made the whole post irrelevant.

But really, guys.  My bracket is shot.  Kentucky, Duke, and Baylor remain my only hope… The entire left side of my bracket (i.e. Midwest and West regions) is all crossed out at this point.  And I cannot. believe. Syracuse. lost.

Even worse, my husband picked half of these crazy upsets and he now thinks he’s some kind of basketball genius (except he picked Kansas to win it all… Waaaa waaaa).

I filled out a bracket with my classmates and Tyler completed one for work, but we decided the G’meyer household condo-hold needed to set some stakes.

My reply: “A Louis Vuitton.”

And the guy actually engaged in a [text message] conversation about it!  I didn’t get laughed at, shot down, or told to, “Keep dreaming.”  I’m not sure he really understood what he was getting into and I only said it as a joke, so the reality of winning my coveted Louis V was quickly self-terminated.

Instead, we decided that we’ll take a weekend getaway and the winner gets to pick the destination.  It has to be something reasonable and generally in our part of the country… Driveable.  (But we drive everywhere, so that’s not much of a limiting factor.)  I figure it’s a win-win situation. (Says my friend Deb, “Yeah, but what if he wants to go to Gary, Indiana?”)

Our options? New York?  Philadelphia? A B&B in Annapolis?  Charlottesville?  Outerbanks?  Providence?

We’ve got a lot of good options.  I just need my remaining three teams to stay alive… Do y’all have any crazy stakes on March Madness?  Any ideas on what city I should pick?

I was raised right, so I picked UK to go all the way. Go Wildcats!

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