Let’s Talk About the Oscars

Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy Monday readers!  And yes, it is a happy Monday because I don’t go back to school (big kid school) until tomorrow.

So, did y’all watch the Oscars last night??  The Oscars are usually a big hype and then the ceremony’s a snore, but Hugh Jackman changed that last year and I was wondering if Steve (I.love.Steve.Martin, btw… Everything pre-Pink Panther is gold.) and Alec could measure up this year.  I thought they were great!

Tyler and I watched it while cooking dinner (I finally made my butternut squash soup—SO EASY and so good) and also watched the Big Love finale (“Holy Big Love!” was my FB status after that crazy show) in between so we could fast forward through all of the commercials…

Anywho, here are my talking points…

- The John Hughes tribute: I LOVE John Hughes.  After that montage, I paused the TV and went on a rant to Tyler about how we should just watch JH movies over and over as we get older so we don’t become crotchity old adults who get so caught up in paying bills and worrying about “important” things that we minimize the experiences and emotions of our teenagers… [Tyler’s response: “Okay.”]

- And another John Hughes tribute comment: Was something wrong with Molly Ringwald?  And is Judd Nelson sick??  Dude did not look like that a few years ago…

- And the crazy lady in leather pants and purple dress who won for Prudence and got to the stage late and interrupted the guy giving a real speech and looked like she was pulling a Kanye and then didn’t make a lick of sense… She was crazy.

- Does Kristin Stewart EVER smile?  Look happy? Not look bored out of her mind? Anyone?

- The Best Make-Up category always gets the best intro.  And Ben Stiller did not disappoint. (So. funny.)

- Aaaaaand Rachel McAdams remains Tyler’s fave. (She is beautiful.)

- No Farrah Fawcett in the “In Memorium???”

- Thank you, Charlize.  We know where your boobs are.charlize-theron-red-carpet-oscar-2010.JPG

(In case you missed it.)

- I’m happy for Sandra.  I wasn’t 100% sure she’d win, but I’m happy she did.  Great speech.  One question: I live in Arlington, where’s she’s from.  And she has a house in Savannah, where I’m from.  Do you think maybe I could win an Oscar one day too?

- Shocked that The Hurt Locker stomped Avatar like it did.  Not that I saw either of them.  But surprised.  Good for Kathryn B.

- Lastly, here’s my must-see movie list now: Precious, Up in the Air, Sherlock Holmes, It’s Complicated, The Last Station, Invictus, The Hurt Locker, A Single Man, Nine, An Education, Up, and Crazy Heart.  (That’s right, all I’ve seen is The Blind Side. Oh, and Coco Before Chanel.  That was fab.)

Alrighty… Happy new week y’all!  I promise to be a better blogger this week. :)

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