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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Not too much to blog about this week… Maybe I should publish one of my go-to, written ahead of time blogs tomorrow?

I wrapped up my second clinical rotation yesterday in the public school system.  Overall, I loved it but have mixed feelings about working there straight out of school.  Those kiddos though… A few them I was like, “Check ya later!” but others I had to try really, really hard to hide my sadness.

My favorite one was a little boy in kindergarten (we’ll call him Moses because of his very Biblical name) who was just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  He has mild CP but is cognitively intact, so we had great talks on our walks to and from the PT room.  This kid LOVES sports so he would always tell me about what games he watched that weekend (except he ALWAYS got the scores and which teams won wrong…).  And he’d give the biggest, cheesiest grins whenever I came to get him out of class.  He also loved to give me hugs as an excuse to smell my hair… He was funny little guy.

Another little boy (also with CP) was more severely affected, but was so smart and funny.  He LOVES, loves, loves Bruce Springsteen (and I mean LOVES), so we’d play “Brucey” for him to motivate him to work.  His favorite songs are “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” and “Dancing in the Dark.”  (He’s 5, by the way…)

It’s technically my spring break this week, but I went in to work to make up some of those snow days, so spring break officially started last night.  I’ve got crazy plans like…cleaning my house and sleeping late (I’ve also got a SERIOUS Jonesin’ to make Butternut Square soup this weekend…). Watch out world!

I head back into school next week for six weeks of electives and review courses and then GRADUATION. Wahoo.  One step closer…

So, that’s it!  Sorry for the snoozer, but thanks for reading still!  I’ll think of something more interesting for manana.

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