Couple-a Things

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1. I’m still alive.  With Christie’s visit and my trip to NYC last weekend (we had a great time, btw—more on that later), all of my spare time is currently being devoted to studying for my upcoming comps exam (2 weeks- yowza!).

2. I forgot to mention that we went to see “Crazy Heart” when Christie was in town the other weekend. SO GOOD.  Go see it immediately.  I have had a crush on Jeff Bridges since “White Squall” (circa 1996) and this movie did nothing to change my feelings.  He definitely earned his Oscar.  Worth noting: if you have a close friend or family that struggles with alcoholism, there may some scenes that are hard to watch.  But it was SO GOOD.  So good.  Really good. (And so was the music.)

3. Speaking of hard to watch… Kate G. (the other Kate G) was terrible on “Dancing With the Stars” last night, no?

4. Ashley over at Happy Healthier Bear is doing a fab giveaway on a swag bag of beauty items.  Don’t go enter though!  Otherwise, my chances of winning are decreased… I just have to tell you about it to get credit. [I’m kidding, you can go enter…. If you really want to…]

5. My niece is still adorable.

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