Christie’s Trip

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey folks!  I know you’ve been dyyyying to hear all about the fun things that we did with Christie this weekend, so here are some highlights…IMG_1675

Christie is still recovering from jaw surgery and has been on a liquid diet for too many weeks, but was finally cleared for some solid foods, so we ate our way through the weekend: Cap City Brewery, brunch at Tunnicliff’s (a Grassy fave), dinner at Busboys & Poets, pizza from Lost Dog, lunch at Bittersweet, custard from the Dairy God Mother, and homemade Cadbury Egg milkshakes.  (Delicious, right?) You name it, we had it.  I don’t think Christie’s taste buds knew what to do with themselves.



Second most important activity: Christie helped me clean out my closet (exciting, right?).  No better time than when I’m ready to box up my winter stuff for spring  and will have long forgotten about what was in that Goodwill pile by next fall.  And I just needed another girl to be judge & jury on some clothes that probably should have never been purchased in the first place.  I’m pretty good at cleaning out my clothes, but I found some ridiculous items shoved in the back.  Think plaid.  Think shoulder pads. We couldn’t just chunk it without a little fun, though…

IMG_1679b IMG_1676 Can we talk about these pants for a minute?  These pants are not a joke.  They were not purchased at Goodwill for Decade Day.  These are legit pants that I bought from Abercrombie (mistake numero uno) in high school.  And I wore these for real.  And I was not in high school in 1976.  I’m almost sad to give them away… Someone is about to find a treasure at their local Goodwill.  (Unless someone’s got a bar golf date coming up. Any takers?)

Other highlights: we hit up the American History museum on Sunday, which I hadn’t been in years.  We saw the Woolworth’s counter from the Civil Rights sit-in, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, Julia Child’s kitchen, and the collection of the First Lady’s inaugural gowns, including Michelle Obama’s which was just donated last week.  There’s so much cool stuff in DC that I forget about and rarely do… And it’s all free, which is fab.  There was good amount of just driving around and visiting some of our favorite parts of town, sprinkled in with some great conversations and catching up, and even a little Scene-It action going on (But Christie wasn’t much competition… Sorry, Lehr.  You weren’t.)

IMG_1667 IMG_1669 IMG_1670

There was also a ridiculous amount of YouTube searching and a lot ‘o laughing.  This might be THE. funniest thing I’ve. ever. seen:

(Watch the entire thing.  You’re missing out if you don’t.)

What wasn’t the funniest thing I’ve ever seen? “Funny People.” We watched it on Saturday night—I have no idea how that move got made.  Even cooler, it was two and half hours long.

Anyway, we had a great weekend and it was so much fun to finally spend real time together.  Thanks for coming up, Christie! 

Up next: a quick trip to NYC with Jess this weekend… Stay tuned.

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