All is Well…

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thanks for all of your phone calls, gchats, emails, and comments checking in on li’l ol’ us.  Everything’s good—Tyler and I spent a nice night at home eating Trader Joe’s frozen goods (we. are. addicted.), drinking wine, and watching “Up in the Air.”  So. Good!  (I’m a little peeved by the ending though… But all those Nebraska jokes made up for it.  I heart movies that make fun of Nebraska, by the way, because they make me laugh and get Tyler all exasperated (Sorry Nebraska readers—nothing but love for the Corn Husker state.).

ANYWAY, I digress.  Everything’s good here.  Better than good.  Because….

Christie’s coming today!  Man, oh, man.

Christie and I met on a trip to China my junior year of college and I’m pretty sure she’s responsible for 90% of the fun I had senior year.  We haven’t truly hung out since college, save for quick trips for coffee in Atlanta or a few brief meetings when we were both in Colorado this summer (I in Colorado Springs, she in Fort Collins.).

It’s supposed to be rainy all weekend here in DC, but that won’t stop us.  I am

Here’s to a trip down memory lane…

[This is mostly for Christie and Julia’s benefit… I know—it’s way too many pictures and way too many inside jokes to explain….]

100_0931Atlanta airport getting ready to leave for China.  I kept calling Christie “Christine.”100_0935 Little did we know we would arrive without luggage.  For three days.  No luggage. China.100_0954 Chinese food in China.100_0998 This ridiculous cab ride…or hopping a ride a random hatchback.100_1056   I have no idea. But we are in Tiananmen Square.100_1091No Christie in this one, but c’mon. I’m standing on the Great Wall of China.china 2005 101 china 2005 135 Downtown ‘Du. (Not sure I can reveal the city.  We were on a mission trip.)IMG_0222 This is a synopsis of CJL.IMG_0231And this is our typical pose.  I have 1,000 pictures of us like this. (She and her roommates hosted a Pink & White party every spring… Thus the pink. And white.)100_1148Classic.IMG_0198 Braves games in the spring. Tha. best.IMG_0152My apartment was broken into once, so we snapped some pictures with the officer’s hat while he was investigating to make a crappy situation more fun. (If you lived with me in college, you would laugh out loud at the “WE NEED STAMPS” on the chalkboard.)100_1672bGeorgia/Florida. SO. FUN.  Say it with me, Lehren, “FISH BOWLS!”april 004 More Bravos games.april 017That is my roommate Julia.  And this picture will haunt her until the day she dies.april 012bSix Flags every spring.april 024bRandom, I know.  But special memories.  This picture epitomizes my college experience.Bachelorette11My bachelorette party. Typical.Karaoke4Karaoke the night before my wedding.  Bad idea, but so much fun.WeddingDay42Me and Lehren…

This post and finding all of these pictures literally made me heartsick for college.  Good times, friend.  Good times.

Okay, Happy Saturday!  Thanks for reading, readers.

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