Ta Da!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I think most of you have stopped by and have seen my new layout, but here it is… The official reveal!  My new spring digs.  Hope you like it because it’ll probably be up until summer…

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on how I do all of this “blog stuff.”  I make all of my headers on Photoshop (which I could never begin to explain…) and use scrapbook papers and elements from sites like Shabbyprincess.com, Designerdigitals.com, and Shabbyblogs.com.  Over the last several months, I’ve downloaded a ton of “kits” and have acquired quite a collection of papers, elements, and fonts.  It takes some time, but everything I have, YOU can have too! (I’m using my best infomercial voice). 

Most sites I use also have kits and papers for sale and are relatively inexpensive.  (Tip: Designer Digitals puts a ton of stuff on sale every Thursday for Thrifty Thursdays!)

I’ll try to get a post up this week for some basic tips on how to format your blog for a more “personal” touch.  In the mean time, thanks for the compliments and questions!

(BTW, I’m experimenting with this font in Live Writer—is it too much or hard to read?  I can take it.  And for the life of me, as much as I can do on here, I still can’t change the font of my post titles!  Grrrr….)

(Another by the way… Thanks for all of the well-wishes—I’m feeling much better!)

Update: I heard that unless you have the specific font I typed in on your computer, it came out super small.  So back to Arial we go…

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