Postcards from Tucson

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So, most of these are of Halley, but these are the pictures I took while in Tucson visting my family, so… they’re still postcards from Tucson! 

First, Halley is impossibly cute, but impossibly hard to capture on camera… Here’s an example:

02 20 10_2418Look at the camera? I’d rather blow bubbles…”02 20 10_241902 20 10_242302 20 10_2431 Yummy fingers.02 21 10_2392Hangin’ out with Nana, my stepmom’s mom.02 21 10_2393My little brothers, Casey and Will.02 21 10_2394My brother David and Dad’s new dog Chester. He’s a bull mastiff and is going to be HUGE.02 21 10_2397Dad and one of his chickens… Yes, chickens. I ate their eggs and everything. 02 21 10_2398 This is Casey, who’s 9 and in third grade. He was adopted at 14 months… He is growing up so fast which is fun and sad at the same time. He randomly calls me once in awhile (which I LOVE) and I still have messages saved on my phone from when he was 3 saying over and over, “She not there. She not there, Dad.”

I was looking for an old picture of him and found something even better… Videos from 2003!

Tell me that’s not adorable. Good ol’ Casey Mac.02 21 10_2399And here’s Will who’s 5 (yes, only 5!) He is so cute and all boy. He’s so big, you forget how little he is… He loves all things Batman and Transformers and loves his big brother. Hard to believe just a few years ago, he looked like this…seimitsu (86)02 21 10_2402Back to 2010… Hanging out with Pop Cowboy.02 21 10_2403 02 21 10_240402 21 10_2406 02 21 10_2408 Halley and Mommy. Cute.02 21 10_2409But I like this one because she looks like she sees something terrifying. (I guess I don’t know why I think that’s cute, but…)

It was so fun to get together with everyone last weekend! We just hung out, watched movies, and ate big breakfasts (My dad makes the best breakfasts… Eggs, waffles, biscuits, you name it.). My little brothers had a swim meet that was unfortunately rained out—I would have loved to see them in their element. I just wish I could get out there more often—love you guys!

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