Parable of the Lost Thumb Drive

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three weeks ago, I lost my thumb drive.  This two inch little sucker might as well have been gold.  It contained MY LIFE—my thesis, my papers, all notes and presentations from my last semester of school, research, and most importantly, ALL of the documentation and notes from my students since I started my current rotation in December.  I told my sister, “Everything that’s important to me that’s not a person was on that thing…” It’s like losing your laptop.

I didn’t realize it was gone until late into my snow week a few weeks ago.  I hadn’t been in school all week, so I hadn’t noticed it was gone.  And once it dawned on me… Yowzahs.  I tore my house apart, my school bag, everything.  I. Looked. Everywhere.  I couldn’t sleep. I keep it in one specific place and only take it out for specific reasons, why is it gone??

My don’t-go-into-full-panic-mode-yet-because-it-could-still-be-in-one-place place was my car…which was currently buried under three feet of snow.

02 07 10_1679(And this is only 2 feet- not the extra foot that came a few days after this was taken.) 

So, we got up early the next morning, dug out my door…

And nothing.

[Side note: while tearing the house apart with me, Tyler would randomly find something he was missing.  We went through several rounds of, “Look!” (I freeze. I hope.) “My slipper!” “Hey! (I close my eyes. I hope.) That quarter I lost!” “Good news! (I cross my fingers. I hope.) I found that sock!”  Until I finally screamed, “Stop doing that!!”]


I was going to have to re-write all of my therapy notes since December. From memory.  All of my hard work in school and in clinic, gone.  All of my therapeutic interventions and ideas…kapoot.

I put up signs around our condo complex.

I left for California…

Avoided re-writing all of those notes…


And prayed.

And e-mailed my small group to pray (“I know this sounds silly, but…”)

I returned to school this week for my last week of the rotation, dreading having to re-write all of those notes and debating whether I should even tell my supervisor.

And then it happened…

I was sitting in my car this afternoon.  I did my usual search, hoping it would magically appear in one of the places I’d already looked a thousand times.

I go to buckle my seat belt.

I see a little black ledge deep between my seat and center console.

Angel: “Could that be it?”

Devil: “No, you’ve already searched there. It’s just a plastic part to your seat.”

Angel: “You should look anyway.”

Cram my hand down there.  Wiggle fingers around.



I’d know the feel of that thin piece of plastic anywhere…

I screamed

And screamed.

And screamed.

And smiled.

And screamed, “THANK YOU GOD!!”

I called everyone I knew I’d told about this.  And no one answered to share in my celebration.

I drove home and every 30 seconds let out a loud, relieved “Ahhhhhh.”

And turned to the Christian radio station because it was ThankyaJesus time.

I know this may sound frivolous, but I can’t describe with words how relieved and happy and thankful and JOYFUL I am that I found this… I’d given up hope and conceded that God was just trying to teach me a lesson.

I know people fight bigger battles everyday…like illness, abandonment, disability.  But I still want to see God’s work and blessing and answered prayer in the little things. And I wanted to document this event which will seem insignificant to me later, but really is such a blessing!!

Yay for Jesus!  Yay for thumb drives!

“Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house and seek diligently until she finds it? And when she has found it, she calls together her friends and neighbors, saying, "Rejoice with me, for I have found the coin which I had lost.' Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents."

                                                    – Luke 15:8–10

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