Hunker Down, Y’all!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

All of you down in Texas and Alabama- you know all of that rain you’re getting right now?  Well, it’s headed our way in the form of a nasty little nor’easter and people here are FREAKING. OUT.

Current Weather

I think it’s all rather exciting, what with the nothing-has-changed-in-the-last-ten-minutes-and-snow-isn’t-even-falling-yet-but-let’s-interrupt-our-normally-scheduled-programming-to-tell-you-the-same-thing-we-told-you-an-hour-ago weather alerts.  And the-world-is-ending-so-let’s-spend-all-of-our-money-at-the-grocery-store-and-get-lots-and-lots-of-eggs grocery store lines.

But seriously, I LOVE the snow, so I think it’s all worth it!  This is my fourth winter in DC and by far the whitest.  Just this week, we got six inches on Saturday, another 4 or so on Tuesday night (and they canceled school on Wednesday!  Even my little southern self thought that was ridiculous) and now they’re predicting we’ll get anywhere from 12 to 24 inches this Friday and Saturday.

That’s right folks.  Another snowpocalypse!

When this happened in December, school was canceled for a week.  I’m stocked on soup, grilled cheese fixins and I’m also thinking a pot of Russian tea and homemade bread are in order… Bring it on Old Man Winter!  I’m ready and waiting.

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