Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I was going to put up a quick “Note to self” post tonight about how after I put up my snarky Facebook status telling everyone to “Chillax” about all of this snow, I happily pulled on my new, red Hunter wellies and headed off to Bible study.

Hunter Original Ladies Red Welly

But THEN, I started driving in my new, red Hunter wellies… Holy Not Safe, Batman!  Driving in tall rubber boats is the equivalent of driving with diabetic feet wrapped in plaster casts with cement bottoms to allow absolutely no movement or sensation of the lower extremities… In the snow, in rush hour, no less.  I probably should’ve had a “Student Driver” sign on my car [break-br-br-br-break-break-gas-br-br-brake].  Yay snow, yay cute boots quickly turned into “Note to self: cute boots no good for driving”.

THEN, after a great night at my Bible study (my friends really are fabulous…), I headed back to my car.  And in my head, I changed my quick post to something like this… [cue emotional music] “I wish that everyone could experience the beauty and tranquility of walking in the quiet of night, down an empty tree-lined street with the snow falling all around and the only thing you can hear are the snowflakes landing on your shoulders…Surely snow is God’s most peaceful precipitation.” (Moving, right?)

Cut to ten minutes later as I turn onto my street and drive up and down and up and down and up and down for 30 minutes trying to find a bleeping parking spot at 10 bleeping o’clock so that I can parallel park in the bleeping snow, in my sensation-stealing, movement-robbing boots while Sheryl Crow sings to me about soaking up the bleeping sun…

I had to park so stinkin’ far away that I had a nice, long walk back to the house down a quiet snowy sidewalk in my cute red boots…

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