Crafty Cfriday

Friday, February 12, 2010

(The “C” is silent)

I’ve been getting crafty lately… I feel like I’ve always been a “crafty” person—I love do-it-yourself projects and I get an odd thrill when I find something I like in a store that I know I can make myself.  But I haven’t acted on my inner craftiness in awhile…

I always see cute kids stuff on all of these blogs, but we don’t have any churns yet, until I realized… “Oh yeah. I can make stuff for my nieces and nephews!”  This glaringly obvious revelation occurred to me in December and a monster was made that day… It’s hand-made, personalized, and inexpensive!  How can I not do it?

12 21 09_0976

This a birth plaque I made for my nephew Grant for Christmas.  The handwriting is not so awesome, but it was my first project… Cut me some slack!

12 21 09_0977

And a stool for nephew Cohen, who’s 2 and we figured wants to do all kinds of big kid stuff, but just isn’t tall enough…

01 08 10_1545

And then Little Miss Halley, who you all know!, needed a keeper for all of her barretts, so Aunt Kathryn to the rescue! (These wooden plaques are .57 cents, the letter is another .50 cents, and then ribben is $2 a spool, but it goes a long way…)

01 17 10_1566

This is another barrette keeper I made for baby Ava, who is due in April, as part of her baby shower gift.  There’s another one in the works for baby Stella, who is a friend of Little Miss Halley.

Valentine's Day Cupcake_Green_Halley Call Me Sugar

Dot_Cursive H_2 Fun Monogram_HEJ_BluePinkGreen

Then, thanks to Rachel for sharing her iron-on ideas on t-shirts and onesies, I spent about a million hours making different monogram and label designs for Halley.  These are just a few.  I’m going to print them all off and let my sister pick out what she wants.  And with 3/$10 onsies at Old Navy, Halley could have a whole new wardrobe!  But no argument, she will be wearing that cupcake one next weekend.


And lastly…that canvas I showed you a few weeks ago.  I saw a similar plaque in a boutique gift shop and said, “Hey, I can paint that!”  It is not supposed to look perfect (yes, Tyler, I mean for that fork to look like that!), though there are a few things I’d change if I could.  I was originally going to paint it on a wooden plaque, but couldn’t find the right size and they had these canvases, which are a little too big, at Michaels for $3 so I went for it.  Some lucky relative will hopefully have this in their kitchen soon…

Anywho, thanks to my snow week, I’ve had plenty to do lately!  But enough of crafts… I’m off to pack for my trip to LA tomorrow!  Bring on the sunshine!

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