Caleefornya: Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7….

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks for being impressed that I even blog on vacation, Jess, but it doesn't look like I've been quite as successful since my last post! It's been a busy week here in Califor-eye-a.

Monday was great- Linds and I headed to Pasadena for some light shopping and heavy eating...




World’s collide:  I drove by Tyler’s company, which is based in Pasadena.  When I texted him where I was, he said, “Seriously??”  I think he was worried I went inside…


Last year we hit up Dots in Pasadena… This year: Polkatots.  Maybe next time, Lotsaspots?




And of course a stop by the FOTB house (Father of the Bride..duh). It wasn't quite as breathtaking in person. I think it’s the landscaping, no?

Tuesday we drove down to San Diego and lunched at Hotel Del on Coronado Island. Gorgeous. I think feel at home anywhere near a marina... And it was SO. HOT. But I dared not complain...

077 081
We also went to Balboa Park and tried to get into some museums. Also beautiful, but not free. So we just walked around.  Something about us not being San Diego residents. Whatev.
084 085 086 088 091 

THEN (wait til you hear this) we stumbled across this boutique that was going out of business and EVERYTHING was $8. Jeans. Dresses. Everything.  I bought two very cute dresses… I’ll show you whenever I wear them.

Wednesday I had the day to myself and it was gorgeous yet again so I took the ferry back to Coronado. I just spent the day walking around and laying on the beach and the night drinking margaritas and mexican food with my classmates.  I dare you to plan a better day.

008 009 012b 017 Thursday and Friday have been my conference days, so I’ve been getting all geeked out about things like running strides, ground reaction forces, pediatric outcome measures, and free pens. I did not take any pictures.  And I know you’re dying to hear all about it, but I don’t think my fingers could handle what’s in my brain right now.

For now, I’m in Tucson for the weekend spending time with my brothers (Casey, Will, and David), sister (Becky), Halley Walley, and my dad and step-mom Jodi.  It’s been an awesome week—friends, family, sun, and learning…. I am satisfied.094

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