Caleefornya: Day 1 & 2

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wasuuuup, readers!  Greetings from warm, sunny, I-can-see-the-concrete-because-there’s-no-snow-on-the-ground, palm trees everywhere, I-wore-a-TANK-TOP-today California (Did I mention it’s warm?).  I have a physical therapy conference in San Diego this week, so I decided to fly into LA a few days early and spend time with my best friend Lindsey and her husband Patrick, who live around Pasadena.  I did this same routine last year when the conference was in Vegas and we had a great time, so I was excited that we could work it out to do the same thing this year.

I got in last night and we headed straight for The Grove to walk around and have dinner.  There were endless options, but we finally decided on a Greek restaurant.  I had a lamb gyro and even ate olive bread.  (Okay, so I picked out most of the olives… But the bread was good!  Me = not a fan of olives.)


We stopped for coffee before heading to West Hollywood to catch a show at the Laugh Factory.  The show was GREAT.  We had to wait for awhile to get in, but once we did we had great seats and great wine with which to enjoy the show.  There were rotating acts, new guys coming up every 10 or 15 minutes.  We were having a great time and then the emcee announced the next act: Dane Cook.  No one had any idea and the crowd went nuts.  He was half funny, half crude, but we were so excited about our surprise guest that we laughed at all of it (sort of). 

IMG_2187b [Side note: people with disabilities are such a target at comedy shows!  Even though a lot of it was funny, as a therapist I was so conflicted in laughing!  I don’t know which was worse—the sexual stuff or the handicapped stuff…]

Anywho, we had a great night out.  By the time we made it home, it was 5 am my time and I was EXHAUSTED.

Today, Lindsey and I woke up and enjoyed a nice run through Glendora with their dog Bailey.  We had lunch at the Corner Bakery (on the patio, no less…I can’t stop talking about the weather!) and then saw Valentine’s Day.  (We thought it was great—everything you expect out of a romcom, despite what we read in reviews.)  We walked around outside and enjoyed some frozen yogurt—I had NON-FAT cake batter yogurt…how is that possible?  It was delicious… Lindsey and Patrick cooked steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for our romantic Valentine’s dinner and now we’re watching a move… A great weekend so far!  I just wish Tyler were here with us.

I pulled out my computer to write this blog and out fell a sweet Valentine’s Day card from my hubub.  Isn’t he the cutest? (Happy Valentine’s, babe)

Tomorrow, we have a girl’s day planned full of (in no particular order) running, shopping, cupcakes, and Mexican food in Pasadena.  Happy Valentine’s Day, readers.  Enjoy your President’s Day tomorrow… And DC, enjoy that snow you’re getting tomorrow! Muwhahahaha…

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