Cabin Fever: It’s a snowy, snowy, snowy, snowy, world!

Monday, February 08, 2010

I swear, my next post will NOT be snow-related, but hey—this is what’s going on around here!  What else is there to write about?  (Plus, I need to let Abbie live vicariously through me for a minute…)

To bring you up to speed, the DC area received 2+ feet of snow (the numbers are different for every area, but it was mid-thigh outside of our place and Dulles airport got 33 inches!) over Friday and Saturday.  It’s been gorgeous, but cold ever since, so nothing is melting and there is a big fat mess outside.  The schools are closed (which is why I’m posting at 11 am), the federal gov’t is closed, city buses aren’t running, you can’t get a cab to save your life, and the metro is only running between underground stops.  Even Tyler “You-Call-This-Snow?” Grassmeyer called me from work this morning to say, “It’s really bad out here…”  On top of this, we’re supposed to get another 6 to 12 inches on Tuesday night.  This is out of control, people!

I think it’s all a lot of fun, but I know a lot of people are frustrated and without power… My car is literally buried under snow, so anywhere I go this week needs to be within walking distance—luckily, there’s a grocery store nearby, but it looks like that might be the height of my excitement for the next few days.

02 05 10_1627 Friday AM before it all started…02 05 10_1629And so it starts…02 05 10_163002 06 10_1584 These poor guys shoveled night and day…02 06 10_1592 Our kitchen window.02 06 10_1680We ventured out on Saturday before the snow stopped.02 06 10_1681Can you see it?  That’s my car…02 06 10_1682Thigh high.02 06 10_1699Poor Dr. Seuss trees are not holding up well.02 06 10_1684Underneath a tree…02 06 10_1687The end of our street—I swear, we don’t live in a rural area!02 06 10_1701 We walked to Shirlington Village…02 06 10_1691 Because we wanted to make Randy even more jealous-er than he already was!02 06 10_1705That’s right, Rando… We walked to Caribou through 2 feet of snow. (But they were closed.)02 06 10_1693A deserted  Shirlington Village—this fun area close to our place was not so hoppin’ this weekend.02 06 10_1695Frozen river between the dog park and running trail…02 06 10_1706Note to self: don’t start snowball fights with people from Nebraska.  I have amateur written all over me.02 06 10_1697 I will sacrifice my pride and show you this picture… :)02 06 10_1708

02 07 10_1665And then it’s always gorgeous the next day!02 07 10_167302 07 10_1678The Big Dig.

We dug out Tyler’s car (we gave up on mine), which was in the parking lot (It was like a big party out there—I’m surprised no one was serving drinks!).  We did about 60% of it with my trusty Georgia Bulldawg popcorn bowl, but Tyler wasn’t satisfied with this and finally borrowed a shovel from a neighbor. 

This is where I felt like I had the upperhand: he kept looking for a shovel while I happily scooped with my bowl and said, “I grew up on the beach!  This is nothing! I have no problem digging with plastic buckets—snow is just like cold sand…Amateur.”

And lastly, some aerial shots of my beautiful city stolen from the internets.  I love this place…

The Jefferson Memorial


Arlington National CemeteryJust kidding!  But that’s what it seems like...

(Sorry for the length…what else do I have to do??)

I’ll be back soon (probably tomorrow!) with a non-snow post.  I promise.

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