Another One Bites the Dust…

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

There’s an epidemic going on here in DC—it’s called All-of-Our-Friends-Keep-Moving.  Apparently, The Hububs and I are the only ones who love Washington, DC because all of our friends keeping leaving in mass droves!  Every six months there’s a new going away party and every time we meet new couples, T and I start whispering about their potential to be our new buddies.

Do we have bad breath??  Did we not return your table saw??  Why do they keep skipping town??

Sadly, Elizabeth was our most recent bucket kicker, so she’ll lead the way in our list of friends on distant shores…

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Miss Elizabeth Leasure

Date of Departure: January 2010

Nickname: I Should Start a Blog About My New Life in Texas

Reason for Departure: Something about getting back into the career she loves…

City better than DC: Pflugerville, Texas… (Okay, Austin. But doesn’t it sound worse to move from DC to Pfleugerville?)

And since Elizabeth is gone, Neal is soon to follow…


Date of Departure: March 2010

Nickname: I’d Rather Be Running an Ironman

Reason for Departure: Something about wanting to live in the same city as the woman he loves…and where he grew up…and where his family lives. Puh-lease.

City better than DC: Austin, Texas

The Blakes

Date of Departure: June 2008

Nickname: The Original Offenders

Reason for Departure: Something about having a kid and wanting to raise her in a place with grass… Whatever.

City better than DC: Lincoln, NE

The Fentons

Date of Departure: November 2008

Nickname: I Thought You Loved Politics…and the Redskins

Reason for Departure: Something about being close to family and going to law school and buying an adorable house for the price of a DC parking spot.  Lame.

City better than DC: Austin, Texas

Ben and Melissa

The Sasses

Date of Departure: July 2009

Nickname: You’re So Important I Had to Steal Your Picture from Google

Reason for Departure: Something about a prestigious professorship and taking over as president of university and wanting to raise their girls in his hometown. Gimmeabreak.

City better than DC: Austin, Texas…then Fremont, NE

Stay tuned for…

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The Gees

Date of Departure: As soon as Chris gets a job

Nickname: Maybe If We Invite Them To The Pool More Often, They’ll Stay?

Reason for Departure: Something about loving Texas…DC is expensive…Family…blah, blah,blah…

City better than DC: Any city in Texas… (What is it with Texas???)

So, there you have it.  Just a brief overview of friends we’ve loved and lost.  Okay…we still love you…and you’re still our friends.  We just miss you. :)

Tyler and I ARE, however, accepting applications for new couple friends who plan to stay in DC for the next few years.  Any takers?? Click here if you’re interested.

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