Weekend Update

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get ready for a post on a whole lotta nothing! (I tried to incorporate pictures because even if a post is dreadfully long and aimless, don’t pictures make it easier?) 

Our church challenged us to fast this weekend, but suggested it didn’t need to be fasting from food, but from anything that plays a big role in your life.  So we thought internet would be a bigger sacrifice… Therefore, there’s lots to catch up on.

So, I sort of had intentions to participate in Kelly’s Show Us Your Life Fridays (pre-fast), but my post ended up being something like, “I shop at chains stores (X,Y,Z), unoriginal recommendations, and available to everyone” so I just skipped that post altogether.  The only unique thing I had to say was that I liken J.Crew to Pottery Barn—I use the catalog as my inspiration to find pieces elsewhere because that crap is just too expensive.  (I do occasionally find deals though—I’ve got some great white jeans from J. Crew just screaming for spring to come…)

Speaking of Spring, it is 63 degrees today.  63.  That is crazy!  But there’s snow in the forecast on Friday, so that just shows you how fickle our weather has been.

I had a crazy busy weekend and just for the record, I hate busy weekends.  I need a 70/30 balance of laziness and productivity and this weekend was more like 10/90.  Not nearly enough lounging on the couch…

Jess and I went to dinner on Friday and I introduced her to Lost Dog.  I love me some Lost Dog pizza and I even branched out and ordered something outside of The Polynesian. (Plus, we had fun on our date!)

Tyler and I went to see The Lovely Bones after that.  Mixed reviews on the book, mixed reviews on the movie.  Even if I don’t love a book, I have to see the movie.  I thought they did a good job replicating the book, though there were several extended scenes of butterflies and bouncing balls in heaven, ooooh-look-at-those-Peter-Jackson- effects scenes that I could’ve done without.  Or at least had significantly shortened.

Saturday was interview day at my school for the next incoming class of DPT students.  I hadn’t helped with it before, so I hadn’t witnessed that whole scenario since my actual interview day.  How fun to be on the other side of the table!  To know their fate was partially in my hands—mwuhahahaha. No, it was really fun.  I was nice to them…

Saturday night was Tyler’s boss’ 50th birthday so we went to a big dinner at Cafe La Ruche in Georgetown.  We’ve only been there a few times, but every time we go we say, “Why don’t we come here more often??”  Quiche, salad, and lots of bread and wine…  We headed out for drinks with co-workers after that where I indulged in Champagne and Chambord.  I think I’ve stated on here that’s my new favorite drink, no?  If I haven’t yet, let it be known…

Sunday, we headed to brunch at Petit Plats (are you counting my calories yet??) with Kimberly and Michael who we hadn’t seen since before I went to Colorado, so we were overdue for a get together.  Great food, great to catch up.  I only wish I’d ordered their french toast…

We ran errands after that where I picked this up from Home Goods for $20.01 25 10_1556

Are you not in love?  This bowl is BIG.  Whatever salad goes in there, there’s going to be a LOT of it.

We then headed to Michael’s to buy a picture frame for Tyler’s office, but guess what we got instead?

01 25 10_1560

Lots o’ paint! 5/$1.  I’ve been getting crafty lately and am considering selling on Etsy or Ebay (probably Ebay…not sure I’m talented enough for Etsy yet!).  I spent $7 for 35 bottles of paint.  I now have every shade imaginable and have already started my next project, whom some lucky family member will be the recipient of.

01 25 10_1562

Here’s a sneak preview… My first canvas.

So, maybe you didn’t need an hour by hour break down of my weekend, but there you have it!  Even if it was busy, it was fun!

Hope all of y’all had a great weekend too.  Thanks for checking in. :)

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