We Survived!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretend for a second you’re a fly on the greyish-blue walls of our bedroom this weekend…

It’s 2:30am on Saturday morning.  I’m dead asleep and my husband starts shaking me.  “Kathryn, wake up.  Wake up.  You have to see this.”

He’s standing in his boxers staring out of the bedroom window.

“What?” [Or more like, “Uuuuuuh?”]

“There’s something on fire outside and there are a thousand cop cars around!”

Crawl out of bed.  Shuffle to the window. Look outside.  Indeed, lots of blue lights across the street.

“So what?” [Or more like, “Uuuuuh?”]


Look harder. Small, bright light blazing on the ground.  Not a fire, but something electrical, like a bright white ball of sparks.

Wow. Back to bed.

“Seriously, you should have seen it.  Did you not see it?  It was so bright it woke me up.”


“I’m not kidding.  There wasn’t a sound, but there was an explosion so bright it woke me up. I thought a nuclear bomb had gone off.”

A nuclear bomb.




A nuclear bomb.



(I just wanted to give you time to process that.)

My husband is typically way too smart and practical for this.  A nuclear bomb?  Really? You woke me up because you thought a nuclear bomb had gone off?  In Arlington?

He maintained his post by the window. I’m back bed ignoring his shenanigans.  It’s not over though. I get a play by play of the goings on of the small electrical fire nuclear holocaust outside:

“A fire truck just showed up….” “Okay, the electrical company is here.” “The whole block lost power.” “I’m not kidding…you should have seen that explosion.”  “Are you awake?”

Who knows how long he stood there, but I was long since asleep…

He’s at least able to make fun of himself… All weekend we said, “Can you believe we survived that??” “Hope there’s not another nuclear holocaust tonight..” “We’re okay, but what if we have a kid with three arms because of all that radiation??”

To be fair and equally self-deprecating, I’ve been walking around for a week trying to figure out why the heck the roads and sidewalks are all wet when it hasn’t been raining??  Then Tyler made an off-hand comment about the snow melting in the street and a little light bulb went off in my head… “Ooooooooooh.”

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