I'm in the Neighborhood...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

For some new blogs. Either blogs I've been reading have now been closed to the public (snobs) or they haven't been blogging consistenly (I'm not talking a few weeks (ahem, Becky)...these people haven't posted in months...).

So what blogs do y'all read? What good recommendations can you send my way to keep me entertained? Be it your real life friends or celebrity-esque bloggers... And if there are any lurkers out there-- send me your blogs! I love "meeting" new people.

I found this one recently, which I know I will be loving whenever we move and have more rooms to decorate! It's called Copy Cat Chic. She finds copy cat items from the likes of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware at other places with smaller price tags. This is so my style.

So. Let's hear it.

P.S. I have a new layout coming soon, but I had to do something on the fly to replace my Christmas header. I know it's a little....sloppy...

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