Hellooo 2010!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I have been waiting a LONG time for you to get here! It’s not that 2009 was a bad year (it was actually a great year), but THIS is the year I graduate and I have been counting down the days, months, and years since I embarked on this academic journey. I started my doctorate program the same month that I got married and it seems that school has trumped everything for the last two and half years and, well, I’m ready for that not to be the case.

(It has also been two and half years since I received a paycheck, so…. There’s a lot to look forward to!)

This year holds a lot for us. I’ll graduate this spring, I’ll take my boards (and God-willing PASS them) in the fall, we’re traveling to Italy in August (to celebrate graduation—see, everything is school-centric!), we’ll move to a bigger place, I’ll get my first job, and we’re looking into getting a dog (I vote Beagle, Tyler votes Bulldog)—WHEW. Lots of changes in store and a lot to look forward to. I just hope 2010 lives up to the hype. Honestly, there were many times I never thought this year would come…

But before I move on too quickly, I’ll pay 2009 its due. This year was a great year…

I spent 8 awesome weeks in Colorado this summer living with my expectant sister and BIL while completing my first clinical affiliation (and hiked The Incline—yikes!). I turned in and successfully defended my thesis in November. We were also blessed with a new nephew and our first niece this year—Grant was born to SIL in April and Halley was born to sister in October. My triplet brother Charles married Landon in June. We attended four weddings this summer, four football games this fall. I went to Vegas (Vegas baby!) for the first time in February for a conference and was able to tack on great visits with my friends and family in LA and Tucson.

Tyler and I road tripped back from Colorado, with stops in Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis, and several great days in Chicago (a first for me). We also took an awesome trip to Boston in October, a first for both Tyler and I. What else… Oh yeah. TYLER TURNED 30!! (He’s so old…). Tyler also traveled to 13 different states for business trips (he keeps yelling things over my shoulder…like this is HIS blog. “Get your own blog,” I say.) I began my second clinical affiliation working in the school system, which I l-o-v-e, but haven’t written about yet (for whatever reason) and we survived the 2009 Snowpocalypse (where I went sledding for the first time!). Lastly, the small group I’ve been in for the last 3 years, which has been ever-changing with girls coming and going every few months, has really solidified and stabilized this year and we’ve become seven great, supportive friends to one another. I love them.

There were some down notes, like the loss of Grandma Betty in June and health problems for Grandpa Grassmeyer, but all in all, we’ve had a great year. As I read over this list, I realize how much God has blessed us and how lucky Tyler and I have been. We’re happy, healthy, and have many, many friends and family who love us.

It’s hard to believe that I’m expecting 2010 to be even better—I now wonder if it will be able to live up?? Only time will tell…

Lastly, I love having this blog to document my life and I love all of you friends I’ve made along the way. I’d like to think I’d keep this up even if no one read, but it sure is fun having y’all around for encouragement and laughs when I need them. As always, thanks for reading and thanks for caring. Sincerely.

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