Freezing Cleaning

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Check me out people! I have been on a cleaning craze.  We  finally broke 40 degrees here in DC today, but it has been FRIGID for the last two or three weeks.  And we’ve been holed up in the house making a big fat mess… So down came the Christmas tree last weekend(don’t judge—I know it’s late) and out came the cleaning monster.

Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of cleaning the naked eye would notice-- it’s the kind of cleaning where everything gets worse before it gets better.  It’s cleaning out cabinets, boxes, drawers, and dressers… 

01 02 10_1548

Gone baby gone.

This weekend, much to Tyler’s dismay, I would intermittently drop a box in the middle of the living room  and say “Clean this out.” I’m normally NEVER bossy around here (ha) but it needed to be done.

01 02 10_1549

Yes, that is an airline napkin, a dryer sheet, and the smoke monster from Lost under my night stand.

I cleaned out my night stand/general storage area, the kitchen pantry/general storage area, the island cabinets/general storage area, the front coat closet/general storage.  And now when I open a cabinet door, I’m not at risk of suffering an aneurysm…

01 10 10_1537

Yes, five bags of garbage and then some…

It’s like dark chocolate covered raspberries sprinkled with peanut butter.  Sitting in a pile of whipped cream.  With a side of pumpkin spiced latte.

Let out a collective sigh with me, won’t you?


01 10 10_1538

There’s one lucky fella out there getting ready to find a fantastic “Tequila” sombrero at their local Goodwill.

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