Can we just talk about The Bachelor for a minute?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fate would have it that my husband was out of town for the premiere of this season’s The Bachelor a few weeks ago.  I haven’t watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette in years, but I tuned in.  And if I tune in on the first episode, I’m hooked for the season.  From the moment they step out of that limo, the suspense is just too much...

So, I’ve either scheduled my gym visits for 8:00 on Monday nights (our DVR is booked elsewhere—House and Chuck—I know, we watch too much TV.) or tuned in via the internet the following day.  Don’t judge.

Anywho.  Can we talk about these crazy girls for a second?

Or wait.  Let’s look at Jakey Boy for just a minute.


First, I really like Tenley and find myself rooting for her because I feel like she’s genuine, but I think if I knew her in real life I would hate her (and feel guilty about it).  She’s just so darn perky, which is part endearing, part you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me.  She is THE ANTITHESIS of who I am at 6 o’clock in the morning.  And I’m pretty sure she’s like that 24/7.  Still, I’m drawn to her…

Second fave is Ali.  I’d be happy and conflicted if it came down to these two.  I like that she’s real with people and not afraid to confront them, but isn’t a snot about it.  That said, as much as I also dislike Vienna, I’m tired of listening to her talk about it.  We get it.  You don’t like Vienna.  “If he likes her, I am not the one for him”  times-a-thousand-pleeeease-find-something-else-to-talk-about.

And Vienna—I didn’t like her from episode one when she was like, “I’ve crashed, like, sixteen cars {hahahaha} and, like, my dad just keeps paying for it {hahaha} and, like, I Iove tiny dogs and piercing my belly button and, like, tanning…and, like, being 23…”  And can you believe Jake spent their one-on-one telling her that she needs to understand when to just keep quiet and not say anything??  I died. I almost fell off the treadmill.  Go Jake.


No surprise that Ashley…I mean, Ashleigh and Jessie got denied.  Really, Ashleigh?  You weren’t reading his body language when you were all. over. him and he did. not. reciprocate. (Molly B—If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure she’s your long lost sister. Based on appearance, nothing else!)  And I’m surprised she wasn’t let go after that comedy thing last week (which, by the way, if I ever had to do, I’d pee my pants.)

Not surprised Vienna stayed because I think Jake is conflicted in that he had good date time with her but is starting to see the “red flags.”  Did you catch the “I heard every word you said” to Jessie?  It’s an omen of things to come… Jakey Boy ain’t stupid.

And can I get a “Thank the Lord God Almighty” that crazy Michelle went home last week?  Hide your wire hangers, people.

So, who are y’all rooting for??  And does anyone out there actually like Vienna?  Anyone?


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