Top 5 Signs You’re Obsessed with Christmas

Monday, December 07, 2009

5. It's only December 7th and you're already sad because the month is just going by WAY too fast!

4. You've lost all sense of current music because you ONLY listen to the Holly station on XM. That's right-- non-stop Christmas music. (I’m going to turn on my car in January and be like, “WHAT is this nonsense? No jingle bells??)

3. You've ditched coffee for Russian tea, eat Pine Bark in lieu of lunch, and Puppy Chow in place of dinner. [If you don't know what any of the aforementioned items are, email me ASAP]

2. You've nixed sleeping in your bed for the joy of sleeping on the couch with the Christmas tree lights...

1. You've created a cross-referenced list of every (awesome) B-list Christmas movie featured on Hallmark, [Fa La La La] Lifetime, and ABC Family for the next month to ensure you miss notta-one. (Don’t you wish you lived with me?)

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