Snowpocalypse 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In case you've been living in a cave the past day or so, you may have missed that we've gotten a crazy amount snow here in DC (Crazy = 20 inches and still falling). And in case you don't know how I feel about snow, I. Am. Loving it. Sure, if this were a daily occurrence, it could get annoying, but I love nothing more than waking up to powdery goodness blanketing the ground. (And we started the morning off right with cinnamon rolls and Russian Tea).

Snow isn’t unusual for us, but this much in one day....sheesh! While most holed themselves up for the day, I couldn't miss out, so here are some of the pictures we captured while we were out.

12 19 09_0588

The view from our back porch…

Even though I was on a mad dash yesterday to finish my Christmas shopping before the snow started, I didn’t get it all done, so, geniuses that we are, we decided to go out today because NO ONE would be out. We were right and it was awesome. Getting there was a different story, however…

12 19 09_0606

"At what point do we call ourselves stupid for doing this?"

12 19 09_0608

Here's the genius part... The mall parking lot one week before Christmas…

Tyler inside of Target: “It’s like we own the place…” [Another shopper walks by] “What is HE doing in my store??”

12 19 09_0611

Tyler’s little G35 has 4-wheel drive and did just fine, but there was a whole lot of this going on…

12 19 09_0621

My mom called and asked if we were at Pentagon Walk because Fox News was doing a report from there and we actually were, so we tried to go be those obnoxious people who stand behind the reporter and wave, but we weren’t fast enough. “Hi Mom!”

12 19 09_0622

This place is usually packed with shoppers and ice-skaters…

12 19 09_0627 12 19 09_0637b

Eventually made it back to our street… I call these Dr. Seuss trees. Tyler calls them Bob Ross Trees.


12 19 09_0645

12 19 09_0652

And we finally made it home.

We’ve had a great, lazy day of watching Christmas movies, napping, eating soup and grilled cheese, and wrapping Christmas gifts (does it get any better??).

We’ll head back out to actually play in it once the snowfall is done (because despite my love of snow, wet snow flying in your face while you’re trying to climb your way through a parking lot is not the most fun...)

I hope today finds you warm and dry!

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