I Hate Coming Home After Christmas…

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not just because the holiday is over and you’ve just said goodbye to your family, who you’ve spent weeks looking forward to seeing…

12 26 09_1469

But because your house looks like this...

12 30 09_148212 30 09_1479

12 30 09_1478

No room is safe.12 30 09_1480

12 30 09_1491

And you’ve accumulated an obnoxious amount of empty boxes.

12 31 09_1533

And a ridiculous amount of junk mail…

12 30 09_148312 30 09_1484

12 30 09_1488

(Except for this type of mail…my favorite!) 

12 07 09_0739 And you know you’ll have to take down your Christmas decorations soon…

And you’re out of excuses for that number on your scale! (No, you don’t get a picture of that.)

SO.  Who wants to come help me clean my house??  And be my personal trainer?  And haul this junk to the dumpster?

Any takers?  No?

Okay, well Happy New Year’s Eve anyway…

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