Guess Who’s Not a Swimmer??

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This girl!  And guess who’s helping lead a swimming class for disabled kids tomorrow—this girl!  And when did I find this out?  Uh, three days after Thanksgiving.  Awesome.

Cue me trying to buy a bathing suit in a certain retail sporting goods store tonight, someone who hasn’t owned a one piece since she was 12 (Note to self: it’s  The “sporting goods” part is pivotal…).

Have any of you bought a REAL swim suit lately?  I had NO flipping idea what I was doing.  There were sizes like 8, 10, 12…and then 36, 38, 40…and then S, M, L.  And they all looked pretty much exactly the same size.  I just stood there for a good ten minutes looking through the very small selection of December bathing suits like, “Uhhhhhh…”

I finally narrowed it down to 2 suits that were about 50 numbers apart, so I still have no clue what the logic of swim suit sizing is… But whatevs.  I now have a cute navy and gold Nike suit with some goggles to match.  Perhaps I’ll stay late tomorrow and swim until I bust a lung…which will take approximately 2 laps.

If anyone’s feeling down about their body image or athletic ability—meet me at the Washington Lee High School pool tomorrow afternoon.  You should feel much better about yourself.

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