Fat Tuesday

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Greetings from Fatty McFatterson!  After that long, food-filled, football watching weekend, this is pretty much what I feel like:


From Wednesday to Sunday, our days consisted of the following: we cooked, ate what we cooked, sat on the couch while the food we cooked and ate digested, took a nap because the food we cooked and ate was too nutritionally lacking in value to sustain our bodily functions, woke up when it was dark outside but only 5:30 pm (seriously, don’t you hate that?) so we felt groggy and confused.  In order to wake ourselves, we thought food was in proper order, so…we reheated and repeated.

Every morning, I swore I would go to the gym, but at weekend’s end, the score was something like…

Calories: 74,912   Treadmill: –14

Oh well!  We cheered on great Husker and Bulldawg victories (which means there was finally a dance party at the Grassmeyers!), spent a great weekend with the in-laws, and stored our fat for winter.

(No, my face isn’t fat—those are acorns… My butt?  Oh, those are….pumpkins.)

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