Wordless Wednesday Thursday

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Okay, so it won't be wordless, either....

Packin' it up!

Getting the morning started right....because apparently we're 15 years old.
Heather, high school friend and college roommate. Long overdue reunion.
Mmmmm.... Game Day in Athens.... No better place on earth.
Tyler and my cousin Britt, who went to Auburn. (Boooooooo)

Heather, Adam, and Adam's brother. (And a very excited Abbi in the background)

Me and Tyler

My mom, Britt's girlfriend Jessica, me, and Landon (sister-in-law)

Brother Charles, step-dad Rick, husband Tyler, cousin Britt. I have a great fam...

The best college town I know.

My sister's son Jacob painted this mural in Tate Center on campus. It is amazing.

See, Jacob Copetillo.

Battle hymn before kick-off. Never, ever been that on time for a game. Who knew? Before all of this, when everyone was filling the stands, they had "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins playing and it was very creepy and ominous. (And also genius...)

Yeah it is.


Crazy baton twirler. Yes, it's in her mouth. There was a fourth one somewhere...

Caaaaan't stop it. Cannooot stop it. [Name that movie.]

Rambo turned out to be okay, but I was quite upset in the stands. It's never good when it takes 20 minutes to get someone off the field....

There was no way we were going to let them win after that... The stadium was in-sane.


Four years in a row, baby.

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