Post Potpourri

Monday, November 09, 2009

I'm baaaa-ack! (Didn't even know I was gone did you?) I've got a million little things floating around in my head and not enough time to write a post for each. I also have to follow up on the ever-so-important topics for which I summoned your opinions (I know you've been losing sleep on the final verdicts). So... Welcome to Post Potpourri! (Yes, I did have to google spell that...)

1. My wellies: I picked the solid red ones! I was 100% sold on the navy ones with the fish until Oprah's accessories intervention show last week. They kept featuring these solid wellies made by Hunter and I couldn't stop looking at the red ones. They also featured these fleece socks you can insert into your boots to make them more snow-sturdy. The socks cost more than the boots, but I'm totally going to do it...

2. My mom's new "grandma" name: Jammie. Her initials are JAM, therefore...Jammie. How cute is that? I love it. No verdict on my step-dad's name yet. He just responds to all of the Halley hooplah with, "How old does she have to be until I can do something with her?"

3. Thesis defense outcome? AWESOME. In terms of a grade, we got an A, but our panelists were so enthusiastic about our research findings they want us to submit for publication, present at a national conference, and present to the 1st and 2nd years so they can see how a "real" thesis defense is done. It's a big deal when Dr. D tells you your research is "beautiful." My ego loves this, my work ethic does not. Right now, I don't want to ever think about it again. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement though!

4.I finally met little miss Halley!! I flew to Colorado Springs (now known as my 3rd home) on Friday and am sitting on a plane now coming back. For those of you that knew this and have been anxiously awaiting new pictures, don't you worry... It will be Halley overload tomorrow! She is by far my favorite niece so far and is just perfect. She and Becky were waiting for me in the airport with an "Aunt Kathryn" sign and I just cried right there. It took us ten minutes to get moving again because I had to drop everything right there and eat her up.

5. What else... We're heading to Athens this weekend for our annual pilgrimage to a Georgia football game. CAN'T WAIT. Can you believe I can't get in with my student ID anymore though?? Stupid rule changes making me feel old... I still look exactly like my college ID. (Ha.)

6. Only TWO WEEKS until I'm done with the last formal semester of my post-graduate career (I come back for a few weeks in the spring for boards prep and a brief elective). Ca-razy. I'm so excited for a finals-free December and test-free winter... I have 1001 little projects to get done in the apres work hours of the next 3 months, none of which involve a textbook or journal article.

7. Latest music obsession? "Maybe" by Ingrid Michaelson led me to purchase her full album, whereby I discovered her song "Everybody." Love it. Also permanently in my head? Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now." Can't get it out of my head and don't want to either... Also bought Carrie Underwood's new album. "Mama's Song" made me cry the first time I heard it because it describes my husband perfectly...

8. I should not be allowed to read "In Style" because it just makes me covet things I don't really need, while simultaneously convincing me that I should clip out that hair style for my next red carpet event...

9. I received 3, count 'em 3 phone calls and/or emails over the past week from family members asking me a "PT question." Eat that, Tyler. (And yes, Dad, you still need to go to the doctor.)

So that's it! Thanks for tuning in to today's episode of Post Potpourri... Tune in tomorrow for all things Halley Jane.

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