Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's up guys?? My name is Halley and my Aunt Kathryn asked me to fill in as a guest blogger today. She came to see me this weekend and boy, did we have a fabulous time! She also took A LOT of pictures of me, so I'll tell you all about our weekend while you look at them. Sound good? Good.

Here's the sign me and mommy made Aunt Kathryn when we picked her up at the airport. I don't know why, but she started crying as soon as she saw us.

And here is my room! I showed it to her as soon as she got here. Cute, right?

This was our first night together. I think I sleep extra good when I snuggle with Aunt Kate...

Woohoo!! Lunch time!

Some of my favorite PJs... Mom and Dad call me "Pumpkin" a lot.

See? I told you Aunt Kathryn was a good snuggler... She told me she thinks she does extra good school work when I cuddle up with her. Daddy said I look like a tree frog.

My Mom is the best...

Sometimes, I look like two completely different babies... (Aunt Kathryn thinks I look like Mommy on the left and Daddy on the right.)

I might look big in this picture, but this bed is really not very big and I am teeny tiny. (And I really do heart mommy.)

Practicing my backstroke...

On Saturday, Dad gave me my very first bottle. I did great!

I make LOTS of funny faces... Do I look grumpy or what?

My paci is almost as big as my head, but boy does it taste good!

And ALL of my clothes are way too big for me...

But that doesn't stop me from being cute!

My Aunt Kathryn sure is fun... Nobody told me how much I would like her or I would've come out sooner!! Maybe I should I apply for college at Georgetown...

And just when we were starting to have so much fun, she told me she was leaving!

So I took a nap on her bed while she packed.... This is her favorite picture of me.

And then she changed my diaper... Aunt Kate thinks I'm cuter when I'm just in my diaper.

Being a baby is tough! I am sleepy all the time (except at 3 AM).

And now... The many faces of me!

Followed by 65 seconds of me hiccupping!

Some people might not think these videos are interesting, but try telling that to my Jammie! So here's one last one of little ol' me... I can't cry yet, so these are pretty much the noises I make all day... (Prepare yourselves for another fascinating 61 seconds...)

And that's it! Thanks for checking me out... I have to go eat, poop, and sleep now.

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