Down to the wire...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ACK! My thesis defense is tomorrow!! While it was exciting to turn in my thesis last week, the last real hurdle is tomorrow's defense and I'm ALMOST there. I'm tired. Worn out. And will never use the words "dystrophin," "sarcolemma instability," or "mdx mouse" EVER AGAIN.

Confused? Yeah, me too. I thought I was in PT school...

Anyway, I'm almost there, but say a little prayer for me (or a big prayer...or a prayer VIGIL...or...) tomorrow afternoon. After that, I'm falling off the radar for a few hours and hitting up the happy hour(s) to celebrate.

In more exciting news... I broke my Brick Breaker record AGAIN. You know I'm stressed when I'm playing more BB than I played Snood in my freshman dorm room. Anything to delay my responsibilities... My current score is 26,780. Yesterday it was 26,060 and before that it was 25,880. Looks like I'm moving up in the world.

If this whole thesis thing flops, I think I have a fallback plan...

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