What? It's football season??

Saturday, October 31, 2009

There's almost no evidence in my life these days that it's football season... Sad, I know. But with last week's bye, the un-televised (up here, at least) Vandy game, and our trip to Boston which fortunately spared us from viewing the Tennessee game, it's been a month since I've watched a Georgia game. A MONTH.

It's October people, not February!

The fact that we've been flipping terrible lately hasn't really helped things. I normally can't get enough of ESPN, Dawg Sports, and the 800 other blogs that Dawg Sports references, but...what's there to read these days? Nothing good.
But today is the Florida game... And while the realist in me is fully prepared to go to bed in a bad mood, there's always something about Halloween weekend that holds a bit of magic and hope. I could have a TERRIBLE weekend, but I could be jumping on the couch...like I was in 2007.

I talk no smack...I have low expectations... But could it happen? We could lose every remaining game, but if we beat Florida, I'd consider it a successful season.

So, here goes nothin...

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