Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just a quick update between classes-- sis, BIL, and mom are all at the hospital. Contractions are coming every four minutes at this point. Her water broke at about 9:30 this morning and at 10:30, she was just a few centimeters dilated.

I know zilch about childbirth, but I'm thinking there's a bit of time until we actually welcome this little guy (or girl!) to the world. I'm sad I can't be there to cheer everybody on...

Feel free to send a congratulatory note comment their way here, The Everette Family Expands. And don't worry... I'll keep you up to date on all of the play by play action. I know you're just dying to know. :)

And don't forget to leave feedback below!

Update: It's about 8:45pm now and STILL no baby... Everytime my phone rings or beeps I run across the room like a crazy person trying to get it, but... Nothing yet. They increased her pitosin about an hour ago to keep things moving along and she's at 6 cm now...

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