Rooooad Trip: Boston Bound!

Friday, October 09, 2009

After two tests and a looong week, it's finally Fall Beak! (Being a student does come with its perks...) So TGrass and I decided to jet set away to Boston for a few days. Or in our case, drive away... But that's okay. We're road trip people-- because we're fun or because we're cheap...I'll let you decide.

So here's a recap of our fun-filled day up the east coast....

Everything started beautifully... Blue skies and the first signs of changing seasons.

And here we have a snapshot of the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey. (I'd rather see Manhattan's skyline from Manhattan...)

And there was traffic... Traffic in New York. Traffic in Connecticut...
We decided to take some backroads through Connecticut so we would at least be moving. Oh my goodness. We are relocating to Greenwich, CT ASAP, America's cutest zipcode (and also the most expensive...). Hallmark must film every movie ever set during fall in that place.
Speaking of Connecticut... This picture didn't come out, but we were fortunate enough to pass by the WWE Headquarters!! Yes, nothing says rich white people like professional wrestling.

Ah yes... And traffic in Massachusetts.
We finally made it in and enjoyed a great dinner of all things Boston-- baked beans, clam chowder, oysters on the half shell, and Sam Adam's. We could go home now and the trip would be a success. This is going to be a long, fun, calorie-filled weekend...

So far, everything is fulfilling my expectations. I'm going overboard with everything New England. "Oh, it's rainy and foggy! That is so New England." "Oh, did you see that bridge?! That is so New England...." "Did you see that leaf fall off the tree?? That is so New England."

So far-- loving New England. Be back in a few days with the full recap. As usual, thanks for reading and thanks for caring!

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