Roooad Trip: Boston!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prepare yourselves folks... This is a long one. I'll try to keep the words to a minimum and let the pictures speak for themselves... (Emphasis on "try.")
This is the first place we came Friday night. Apparently, it's the oldest restaurant in the country. We feasted purely on Boston fare: chowder, oysters, baked beans, and beer. The chowder…sorry, chowdah, and corn bread was great. Oystas were okay.

Fun little bar next door… We stopped in on Sunday for pumpkin ale (what else?). There was a fun band playing and even real Irishmen…

Starting our walk on the Freedom Trail. Nice shot of the skyline. (P.S. Tyler and I think the Freedom Trail is a genius idea.)

First getting into the North End, the Little Italy of Boston. LOVED it.


Me and Paul.

Worshipping in the Old North Church…or googling "Old North Church" on my blackberry for a little refresher course on the whole "One if by land, two if by sea" thing…

Copp's Hill Burial Ground on the trail. "That's soooo New England."

Paul Revere's grave which is not in the cemetery above. It was actually gross and very poorly kept and there were several big names buried there. C'mon, Boston…
So, after lunch (We ate at Cheers, but not the original one. Yes, we fell into the tourist trap…) we headed to Fenway.

And along the way we saw all of this commotion and went to go check out what was going on…

Oh, it's just Ben Affleck filming a movie. No biggie.
After that, we headed to Cambridge, but along the way we passed a sign for JKF's birthplace. Pretty unassuming.

The bed closest to the far wall is the actual bed where JFK was born. Most everything in the house was original, as Rose was in charge of the restoration…

Joe and John's nursery.
Ah, Cambridge…

Gorgeous, right?

Harvard's crew team. "That's sooo New England."

Saturday night we headed back to the North End to eat some fiiiiiiine Italian food. We were told to go to Giacomo's and also told we'd have to wait in line…

And wait we did. This is not an ice cream store, people, it's a sit down restaurant. Read: this is not a fast moving line. But it was worth every second. Plus there was a camaraderie among all of us waiting. We cheered on those that finally made it inside and encouraged others still waiting after we'd finished our meals. And the food was awesome. It was this tiny little 10 or 12 table restaurant. We enjoyed wine, appetizers, and entrees and walked out with a $50 bill. We went to Mike's Pastry down the street after dinner, but Tyler accidentally DELETED the pictures of our cannolis. Anyway, they were HUGE and delicious. Thanks for the recommendations, April. We give you full credit for each of us gaining six pounds that night…

So, Sunday morning we drove to Cape Cod. Specifically, Hyannis Port where we checked out the Kennedy Compound. (We're not usually huge Kennedy people, but hey…we were in Massachusetts.)

This is the main house.

Enough said.

The entrance to the Kennedy compound. Not even gated off… 155 Irving Ave.

After driving around Hyannis Port, we headed to downtown Hyannis to do a bit of shopping…

Sunday afternoon we drove back and enjoyed lunch on Newburry St. I liken it to M street in Georgetown—lots of fun shopping and restaurants and impossible to find a parking spot. We ate at Uppercrust and of course, found a cupcake spot afterward.

I had a pumpkin pie cupcake and Tyler had an apple pie one. The whole pie thing is a good idea in theory, but as soon as you take the wrapper off, it's like taking off a sock you wore to the beach…

Really working on that one…

Some tower in Quincy Market… We were SO EXHAUSTED by late Sunday afternoon that we just went to go see a movie, so we could sit down for a few hours. (Side note: we saw Couples Retreat—not the best movie we've ever seen, but pretty funny and very pro-marriage…)

And Sunday night, we headed back to Quincy Market (which kind of served as home base for the weekend) and ate at Durgin Park (Thank you, again, April).

For our last night, we had to enjoy another feast of baked beans, oytas, chowdah, and beeyah. (And cornbread). The oysters were great and we could tell the baked beans were authentic to Boston because they didn't taste exactly like a can of Busch's (like they did at the Oyster House…)

Overall, we had an AWESOME trip. It was so much fun. We will say (close your eyes April) that we're not sure we could live there (that's how we judge cities we visit…) because Bostonians are SCARY. I'd rather get in a fight with a NYC cab driver than a native Bostonian… We didn't have any bad experiences with anyone, they're just…intense. Anyway, we really did have a great trip and we were there at the perfect time of year. Thank you to April and Kristin for the great recommendations. We wouldn't have known what to do otherwise!

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