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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guess what this girl did today, folks?? Turned in my thesis. Yep. All eight gazillion pages of it. I haven't slept or showered in three days (insert gag here), but I'm taking full advantage of laziness for the remainder of the day.

What does that mean? I'm napping, eating, and showering internet shopping. (And watching "Escape to Witch Mountain"-- the old school one, which was a childhood favorite and it's kinda fun to watch for nostalgic purposes,'s a little weird.)

ANYWAY. Mother Nature has been one fickle lady around here. Today it's been GORGEOUS. Highs in the 60s, bright blue skies, and the leaves are at their peak of color change. Yesterday? Rain, rain, rain. Last week it rained for like 5 days straight. With the exception of a few gorgeous days like today inserted here and there, I've started to feel like I live in Seattle.

Which has led me to to buy some rain boots. (Click that red X at the top right corner right now, Husband) While it's hard to find these suckers in stores because everyone's moved on to their winter inventory, there are TONS of options online. Too many to choose from in fact...

Seriously, how cute are these?

Hard to go wrong with polka dots. These red ones are cute enough to pray for rain on UGA gameday!

Love the whole nautical thing.... Reviews say the fish on these are bright red, which I like.

Or a basic solid... LOVE the red. Possibly the front runner...

They're only 25 bucks, but I don't need 7 pairs of rain boots (Or do I??). So what do you think? Which to get?

(P.S. In case you haven't caught on, I have the world's cutest niece.)

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