Guess who's 30??

Friday, October 16, 2009

This guy!!

That's right. Tyler's big 3-0 was yesterday-- can you believe it?? I don't know who should feel older, him for being 30 or me for being married to a 30 year old! Wednesday night I said, "Geez-- this is the last time I'm going to kiss a man in his 20s..." Talk about a wake-up call to the whole forever thing!

His sister and I conspired and made sure he was inundated at work with dead flowers, AARP applications, Viagra information, make sure he remembered he's officially OLD now. But I'm not a completely terrible wife because I threw him a surprise party that night. Whether or not he was actually surprised is still under debate, but we had a great time with lots of good food, good wine, and good friends.
Check out the goods...

Hiding around the corner, waiting for him to come up. Ack!

Nothing out of the ordinary yet...


And of course the food...

Pork tenderloin and rolls...

Baked brie and bacon wrapped dates... If you've never tried crack, just eat a bacon wrapped date. I'm pretty sure they're the same thing.

No birthday cake, but mini apple and pumpkin pies and cookies.

We had a great night, but boy was that STRESSFUL. From coordinating, spying, stealing email addresses, grocery shopping, cooking in secret... ("Why do you smell like bacon?" Tyler asks...) I was hiding rolls in my night stand for crying out loud. Thank God I have another ten years before I have to do anything like that again.

Many thanks to my friends Julie, Kelly, Adrienne, and Tyler's small group and poker group buddies whom I spent many weeks swapping emails with... I was stressed enough as it is, I can't imagine what I would've done without my co-conspirators.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER. You don't look a day over 28...

(P.S. Not to worry, April-- the Boston update is coming next!!)

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