Dear Willie Martinez...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dear Willie Martinez,

You and I both know you haven't been my favorite person for, oh, the last two years or so. (At least.) You see, my love of Georgia football was cultivated when I was in college, a whopping four plus years ago. A time when the Davids were dominant. A time when our defense was dominant. A time when you weren't our defense coordinator...

But I wanted to let you know that for just this week, I'm taking down my "Fire Willie" campaign posters. For this week only, you won't find me grumbling under my breath something about "...practicing with greased watermelons??" And I won't be waking in a cold sweat yelling, "My grandmother could tackle better that that!!" (No offense, Grandmommy)

(Break: Seriously, have you ever googled yourself? Not a lot of love out there, buddy. You should take whatever love scraps you can get from me... And if you think this letter is less than nice, you should read the letter I wrote Mike Bobo.)

No, this week I embrace you as a competent defensive coordinator. This week I celebrate that my team's defense resembled something of its yesteryear (I could've sworn I saw David Pollack on the field except his skin was darker and the name "Curran" was on his jersey). This week and this week ONLY, I remove my name from the Fire Willie Martinez petition. You played a great game.

I know what you're thinking-- Yes, I watched the game. I know we lost. But it had nothing to do with you... You SAVED us from humiliation. You made us look good. Whatever y'all did in practice last week-- keep doing it.

But don't forget, it's this week only. Another game like, say, any of the last 16 and you're back in my guillotine. I don't care what my sister says about it being cute how excited you get on the sidelines...

This week you get a hall pass and a little bit of love.

Your friend for the last four days and for the next three,

Barefoot Katie

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