Speaking of TV...Again...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess who I saw this morning?

While schlepping across DC to NRH (National Rehab Hospital) this morning (which, by the way, might as well be in Canada based on how long it takes to drive there during morning rush hour), my girlfriends and I stopped at a red light on a random side street. No other cars present. Nary a person in sight. Save one man standing on the adjacent street corner unassumingly holding his dry cleaning over his shoulder.

As I spot him, everyone else simultaneously hears a car accident that happened in, like, China, and they're all going, "Ooooohh, did you hear that??" "Car accident..." "somewhere...." "sounded bad!" And I'm hitting driver friend in the arm going, "That's the guy from 'House!' That's the guy from 'House!' "

And no one hears me.

"That's the guy from 'House!' The guy from 'Harold & Kumar!' He works for Obama!" I had to say it about a million times before anyone else in the car forgot their concern for the people involved in the potentially life threatening car accident they heard to realize we were six feet from a real life movie star.

"Oh YEAH! That's the guy from 'Harold & Kumar!' "

And then everyone starting getting really excited and talking in shrill girl voices and driver friend drove through the intersection and almost side swiped every parked car while trying to convince us we should get out and take a picture with him, to which all of us let out a resounding, "Nooooo...." and then I proceeded to explain that his character (Kutner-- had to IMDB that) was killed off of "House" because he'd taken a job with the White House in the Obama administration and...

I mean...he's not my favorite actor or anything. He's not even my 14th favorite actor. But it was a fun, random, unexpected event on our way to the hospital this morning. I saw Kal Penn.

Usually the best I get around here are news anchors or politicians... Big whoop.

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