Show Us Your Life... School Pictures

Friday, September 04, 2009

I'm going to be honest, guys... When I first saw Kelly's Show Us Your Life topic this week, I was hesitant to participate. In most of the blogs I checked out today, people expressed embarrassment in revealing their appearance and fashion decisions of yesteryear. Me? It's kind of the opposite. Honestly, I'm really not conceited. I just happen to possess a certain...natural beauty that's been with me all of my life. Not only natural beauty, but natural fashion sense. And it was a very tough decision for me to unveil my grade school snapshots because I just didn't want y'all to feel jealous about my genetically blessed childhood.

I prayed about it though... And I decided to go ahead with it. If you don't think you can handle it, look away or leave now.

This year, I remember, was really frustrating because I was constantly inundated with questions and comment from people begging me, "How do you get your hair to look like that??" and "Gosh your hair looks great... What volumizer do you use??" (Au natural, ladies and gents. Au natural.) In fact, "The Kathryn Bangs" were quite the rave at Wilder Middle School that year.

I'm sorry (and I know that you are too) that these aren't bigger. These are 3rd and 4th grade. My mom refers to these as "my model years" because people were always like, "Your daughter is SO cute and she wears THEE CUTEST CLOTHES. Why don't you take her to Millie Lewis??" Beyond me why she didn't take their advice...

[Non-sarcastic comment: We didn't have the money to buy school pictures this year, thus the "PROOF" across the bottom. Sad when you think about it, it really?]

Apparently, I had trouble finding the camera-- I was looking for it VERY HARD. You might look at this picture and think, "Oh, she's starting to come out of THOSE years..." But wait...

This came next year. I finally got the memo on bangs not being cool. Sad thing is, is that I remember sincerely liking this picture. "Successful inaugural high school picture day. Check."

I could keep going (I have A LOT more school pictures of this caliber), but I really don't want to show off too much. I know you're already jealous. Just so you don't feel TOO bad for me, I did have a few cute school pictures here and there. But yes, it was rough five, six...eight years! My self-esteem is still recovering...

And here I am today (my ego needed ONE good picture). Highlights, hair products, flat iron, the plastic braces rubber bands I secretly stole from my sister and wrapped around my two front teeth to fix that gap... I owe you one.

Thanks for stopping by-- Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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