Deep Thoughts.... By Barefoot Katie

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Because sometimes all you have in you is a list...

1. Holy Bajolie-- it's football season!! Though my team was not the victor this weekend, it was still a glorious five days of non-stop football...

2. Speaking of the Bulldawgs... What the heck?? Apparently, Stafford and Moreno meant nothing to our team because we looked exactly the same as last season. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. I'm willing to give Joe Cox one more game (flu schmu), but I maintain my position that Willie Martinez should be fired. I cannot handle another season of mediocrity.

3. I will say that I'm proud of us for playing a REAL game this weekend. While everyone else spends the first three weeks buying some extra Ws for a few million dollars, we jumped right in to play a game people cared about. I'm proud to be among the Virginia Techs and Florida States of the world... Congratulations, Florida, on your victory over Greensboro Community College.

4. Speaking of college football... Whoever decided Kenny Chesney should sing us into every commercial break should be fired. Seriously. Fired and never hired by another company again. Fired and exiled to Elba Island.

5. Did anyone else see David Pollack on ESPNU for Sunday morning recaps??

6. One upside (the ONLY upside) of the greatest college football team ever losing their opening game? A trip to Dairy Queen because your husband feels sorry for you. Tagalong blizzards = PERFECTION.

7. Non-college football thought: What you need if you want to watch your favorite movie as if it were the first time: a park, a gorgeous night, a bucket of KFC grilled chicken, a glass of wine, and a few hundred of your closest friends. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Ferris Bueller is probably the coolest person ever.

8. This morning's run was not as successful as last week's. I was GRUM.PY. With a capitol g.r.u.m.p.y. All day.

9. My husband this morning suggested that perhaps he should make an appointment with a physical therapist about a knee pain he's having. In case you didn't hear me correctly, my HUSBAND...told ME...he needed to go see a PHYSICAL THERAPIST. I have an appointment next Thursday to go meet with a lobbyist so he can answer some of my questions about the appropriations process.

10. Guess what I can do in wheelchair now. Pop a wheelie. Cool, right??

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