Day Two: Update!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

So, remember that whole flying pigs thing? Well, THOSE flying pigs had little pig babies and those little pig babies sprouted little pig baby wings because I actually got up at 5:45 AM this morning and went running and LOVED it! (Okay, so it was 5:58 and I begged, complained, and attempted a 12 hour postponement, but it was to no avail.) But seriously, I felt great! As soon as we got moving, I perked right up...

The weather has been AWESOME the last few days. It's like you can feel Fall in your bones... So it was the perfect chilly but not too cold September morning. No humidity. Little sweating. Just a nice brisk, crisp run. Tyler on the other hand...

Our run was supposed to be 3 miles, which is a significant first run for a non-runner. We were trotting right along (I thought) and I encouragingly announced that we were half way done. Not the right move. Tyler let loose a sound akin to a moan/grunt, mixed with a dying Wookie, mixed with a 13 year old asthmatic during PE.


We stopped to walk for a bit and he proceeded to thoroughly update me on the precise condition of every failing body part, organ, and extremity. I wish you all could have been there. The sincerity of his discomfort and disbelief was quite funny. He then relished in the glory days, wheezing "In high school....I could run...a mile in 6 minutes, 41 seconds... In jeans. I know because....I won a $100 bet...."

We only ended up running 2.6 miles before we had to go get ready for work and school, but we had a great morning! And who would've thought... I was wide awake for my 8 am class, contributing to the discussions (me talking IN class IN the AM = pulling teeth) and made it throughout my eight hour day without a yawn (Yes, Charles. Eight hours).

Remember this post because I'll be running to keep up with TGrass in no time! I'm ready for tomorrow-- thanks for the encouragement!

P.S. Do not interpret this as me being a new found morning person.

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