Busy, Busy, Busy...

Monday, September 28, 2009

I just looked at my archives list and saw that I've only posted 7 times this month. Seven. That's not even twice a week and half as many posts as I got up in August. So what's to blame? Sure, there's school. There's training. There's work. But there's also...

Fall TV!! Woohooo!!

You may lose all respect for me once I share my fall line up. I will say that not everything gets watched in one night, but we have a trusty DVR that has skyrocketed from 12% to 63% in the last week. The fact that Tyler's out of town all week doesn't help because I have to save the shows until he can watch them. I don't know if we've got enough room to make it to Friday!


Monday: House, Castle (LOVE), Jon & Kate (yes, I'm conflicted on supporting them... But don't you find Kate so much more pleasant these days?), and How I Met Your Mother (I'm new to this show...but I really like Jason Segel and I need a good sitcom every once in awhile)

Tuesday: The Good Wife, 18 Kids & Counting, American Idol (when it's on...)

Wednesday: Glee, LOST (I do not love their half season thing...), Gary Unmarried

Thursday: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Flash Forward (Loved the first episode... It's going to be my new Lost), The Office, 30 Rock, NCIS, CSI: Las Vegas (Yeah, Thursdays are out of control)

Saturday: FOOTBALL!!

Sunday: Extreme Home Makeover, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, and HBO Sunday night shows (Big Love, Entourage, True Blood...)

And then there are the FoodNetwork and HGTV shows that I don't really know when they're on but we always seem to catch. We love us some Ace of Cakes, Throw Down with Bobby Flay, Chopped, Property Virgins, House Hunters, etc...

I swear, I do have a life. I just blame it on school. You know, my brain needs a break. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

So what do y'all watch? Is there something you love that I can't afford to miss?

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