Rooooad Trip: St. Louis

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I bring to you a photographic recap of our time in St. Louis last week... We spent two great days with my brother and my nephew. We ran around town, took in the sites, shared great food, and yes...indulged in a few tasty treats I happily refer to as...cupcakes.

We spent a few hours in Forest Park, just a block or two from my brother's apartment.

It was a gorgeous day.
We climbed trees because, let's face it, we Ways are great tree climbers...
(Okay, so I haven't climbed a tree since I was 8. Needed a little help. And no, that is not a vein about to pop in my brother's neck. I'm light as a feather.)
Drew kept having to wait for us...much to his annoyance.
But then he got rewarded by getting pushed really, really fast by his Pops.
Then we ran up a giant hill to the art museum...
Where we got a great view of the Grand Basin.
Who knew St. Louis was so pretty? (Not me.)
Tyler was actually there, he just took most of the pictures.
With my brother Andy and nephew Drew. They're the best.
That night, we had the BEST dinner at I Fratellini, a restaurant my brother manages. We stayed all night and probably sampled everything on the menu. Seriously. Amazing. (Warning: official endorsement coming.) If you're ever in St. Louis, go there.
Of course, we had to stop at the Arch on our way out of town.

But not before finding a local cupcake joint...

Points for ambiance...

I went classic with a Red Velvet. Tyler had a Chocolate Capuccino.

Honestly, the best cupcake I had all summer. Light, fluffy. Not too dense or rich. Perfect amount of icing. It was wonderful.
The End.

This concludes today's recap of St. Louis. Thanks for stopping by!

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