Happy Birthday to...Me!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

It's August 8th folks, so that means it's my birthday! Being a triplet, I also share this fun day with my two identical twin brothers-- Charles and David. We aren't together today, which is always a little bit sad for, as there have only been a few times where the three of us haven't been able to be together... And the phone calls just don't really make up for it. "Hey- Happy Birthday." "Yeah, Happy Birthday too..." (It is much easier on those around us, though, who don't have to sing happy birthday to 3 people at once. "Happy Birthday dear KathrynDavidCharles...")

I love, love, love my brothers. It's so fun to have grown up together, always sharing friends, classes, and birthday parties (okay, so as the token girl, I wasn't always happy about that...). We managed to all go to college together, so we were together up until we were almost 23. We're great friends and I hope they miss me as much as I miss them!

So anyway, here a few pictures from birthdays past... The three amigos.

David (L), me, Charles (R)

4th birthday

Can you tell them apart yet??
And here we are in June at Charles' (right) wedding.
So Happy Birthday brothers! I miss you and am thinking of you today!

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