Back to School... Back to School...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(I sing that in my best Billy Madison voice...).

I've been a little blog happy this month, but it's been a whole FIVE days since I last posted. Why?

School is back on, my friends.

Monday was the big day. I cannot express with words how shocking it is for me to be a Third Year. I vividly remember my first few days, weeks, months of my first year (and every solitary day and test that followed...). How difficult they were. How scared I was. How proud I was of myself for surviving. And how much older the Third Years seemed... Now that's ME.

I must say that my first clinical affiliation this summer made a vast difference in my confidence as a clinician and my desire to start practicing (replacing my previous TERROR). I'm excited and while I realize I have a lot of experience to earn, I know I'll be okay. I'm exactly where I should be...

Still, something in me was sad on my Monday. My last first day of school (this time, for real). Sure, I work my butt off for no money. I come home after eight hours at school and STILL have work to do all night. And thesis is going to SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ME this semester, but there's something safe about school. Something that appeals to me. And while graduation will probably be the happiest day of my life, I'll still miss it. It's like the official end of my youth...

So here goes nothin'...

Savor it husband. Because next year is Dr. and Mr.

(And yes, Mom, I even took a picture... but it was NOT pretty so we're not going to share...)

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