Show Us Your Life...Wedding Ceremony, Bridal Party, and Flowers

Friday, July 31, 2009

As mentioned last week, we had our wedding portraits retaken because A) we had horrible, hurricane type weather that started about an hour before our ceremony, which didn't allow for outdoor pictures (a CRIME when you get married in Savannah) and B) our photographer was not the best and I wasn't totally pleased with our pictures. So, great pictures with my husband I have. Great pictures of my ceremony and with my wedding party, I do not. Most of what I have was either taken by a guest or was taken by the photographer and scanned (because he was charging a crazy amount of money for the digital copies), so... That's my preface. All in all, it was a beautiful day whether captured on film or not!

The ceremony was at 6:30pm and because of the weather, it was pretty dark outside for a summer night, which actually made for a beautiful scene inside the church. Dim lighting with lots and lots of candles- beautiful. "A Page is Turned" by Bebo Norman was performed by some very talented friends of mine with a guitar and cello for the lighting of the candles and seating of the mothers. Communion and the unity candle was done while they performed "Knees to the Earth." I was also very proud of myself that I was able to include all seven of my siblings AND their spouses AND my sister-in-law and her husband in the ceremony (Yes, that makes 11 people), in addition to our non-related friends. One of my sisters and her husband also gave us a charge and blessing which they wrote for us-- I'll post it sometime because it was very special to me (and SO well written, Angie).

Prepare yourself, there may be a lot of pictures ahead...

Praying with my bridesmaids before the ceremony (Okay, so this was staged, but we really did pray before...)

Mourning the death of a bachelor. (Paul missed the memo on looking sad....)

Funny boys.

This picture makes me laugh because we had to "sneak" to the back of the church through the upstairs pews (because it was pouring outside), but we were not at all sly and nine girls trying to sneak through the church and me trying to squeeze my giant dress in between tiny pews built in 1894 is VERY obvious. And we were laughing hysterically, pretending none of the early guests could see us.

Flowers in the church for the ceremony... We didn't do too much to the church in terms of decor. Flowers consisted of hydrangeas and roses. John Davis Florist in Savannah did them. He is fab.u.lous.

Flower girls (friend's daughters).

Ring bearers (my little brothers).

My daddy walking me down the aisle. (I wish we had a picture of Tyler's face- I will never forget it.)

My dad giving me away.

Randy, my sister's husband, married us which was really special.

Our unity candle would NOT light. After trying over and over and over, Tyler ran to the window and snatched a candle out of the window sill and stuck it up there in place of the broken one. It was very funny and everyone broke into applause afterward.

You may kiss the bride!

Me and my girls (assortment of childhood and college friends, and one sister).

Tyler and the ladiessss.

My triplet brothers, David and Charles, are on the outside and the other two are some of my best childhood guy friends. The four of them were my ushers.

The whole shabang.

What a fun day... But our marriage has been so much bigger than that single event (though what an event it was!). I love re-living it, but my real joy is in our relationship that continues to grow everyday. Even when we're miles apart...

Thanks for stopping by! (And if you missed my dress from last week, check it out here. I didn't get it up in time to make it onto Kelly's page.)

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