My Sister's Keeper

Friday, July 10, 2009

If you're one of the original two readers of my blog, you know how much I loved reading My Sister's Keeper last summer. Loved it. Anytime I'm asked for a recommendation, I always tell people about it (and no Jodi Picoult book I've read since comes close), so I've been waiting to see this movie FOR-EV-ER.

After I read MSK, I had my sister read it immediately and she was equally enthralled by it, so it was only fitting that we see the movie together since I am leaching living with her this summer.

Everyone knows the movie never compares to the book, but perhaps my expectations were still a little too high. I didn't dislike the movie, I just didn't love it. I left just wasn't quite what I was expecting. There's so much plot in the book, I knew it'd be impossible to squeeze into a movie, but I felt like the producers, or directors, or screenwriters, or WHOEVER is in charge of that stuff took WAY too much creative license. WAY too much. (For the record, none of this stopped me from crying like a baby. Literally had to exert A LOT of self-control so I wouldn't make audible sobs in the theater.)

So, two questions:

One, did anyone else understand the purpose of the aunt looking like a playboy bunny the whole time? Maybe that's what cool aunts look like. If so, I need to invest in some more tank tops and work on my push-ups... And buy lots of cut-off jean shorts. And sleep in a tanning bed. And wear lots of bracelets.

And two, did anyone else leave thinking they perhaps should've married a fireman? (Or maybe just Jason Patric...)

My answers? No and yes.

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