I Take It Back!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Long story short, after Jack Quinn's tonight, I signed up to run an upcoming race and my reward for doing so was a free pint...and who can turn down a free pint from an Irish pub?? Not I. So, I got my coupon and went upstairs to the hot, overcrowded, stinky-runner-filled bar and ordered a pale ale.

Remember how I said I have no desire to drink a beer after I run? I take it back-- it was delicious!! I don't know if I've just been in the dark on this thing or what, but they're really onto something with this whole beer after you run thing! I mean, it was surprisingly refreshing... No, really. Refreshing.

I filled up FAST though and eventually abandoned my half empty glass on the bar... But, really, it was delicious. I highly recommend.

(In case you questioning my decision to drink alone in a bar, I DID finally get a running partner tonight! Randy, my brother-in-law, was my running AND drinking buddy tonight.)

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